• Auckland @ Big Fan, June 17th

    with Amanaki, Stacked & Blood Stained Eyes. 150 cap room, lets go!

  • Alpha Wolf Europe Tour 2023

    19 Dates across Europe & UK with Alpha Wolf, King 810 and TEN56

  • Impericon Festival Leipzig

    8/4/23 @ Leipziger Messe Halle Eins

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  • Band Bio

    Metalcore from Grafton, New Zealand.
    The Kiwi's blend in the flavors of European Beatdown and Death Metal to create their own brutal, yet polished sound to create a Hardstyle of their own.
    Releasing their debut album “I Am Your God” March 2020 amidst the global pandemic the band wouldn't play the IAYG release shows until late 2022.
    Known for their hard and fast live shows spreading the “Kiwi HardStyle” in 2023.

    2023 News - The band completed their first headline tour of Australia in February and hit Europe for the first time in April in support of Alpha Wolf on their "Steppin over Roaches" tour with

    King 810 and Ten56.

    A home-town homecoming headliner in Auckland City is next on June 17th!

    RIP Jhonny Danger